I don’t know what it is, but I like it.

I have been firmly in the “grey is my favorite color” camp for a million years. But lately, I’ve been thinking about how Astra so easily revises her favorite colors. Orange has been a long-standing fave but that key second favorite spot rotates in and out, I think it’s green right now.

So what is my second favorite color? What is even my favorite color? Do I have one? Does it matter? At any rate, I have been drawn to obssessed with mustardy colors lately. I knit my sisiter-in-law a mustard cowl for Christmas, because she loves mustard. At first I thought this was a case of a color I’d never wear, but then… I knit a hat.

That’s my Kobuk, and it’s a pretty tame shade of brown? mustard? I’m not actually sure. So then I though I’d turn it up a notch and knit a sweater.

That’s Populuxe, in a gorgeous tweed gold? brown? mustard? Still not sure. I just know that I love this little sweater. Finally, in my fibreshare package was a beautiful skein of (I’m pretty sure) mustard yarn. I knit it into a shawl in about 7 seconds.

This is Spindrift by Helen Steward of Curious Handmade. I knit one of these in 8 days a couple of years ago and have loved it ever since. This baby was on my needles for exactly one week. I could not put it down!

That color is just perfect. The yarn is merino/silk/yak from Happy Hank Co. in the English Mustard colorway. The silk gives it a gorgeous sheen and that yak is just buttery soft. I wore it the other day and it feels amazing.

I’ve kind of fancied that I can’t wear this color, but I think maybe that’s a tad bit silly. But whether I shouldt or not, I’m wearing it. I just can’t get enough. And somehow it goes with all the mauve and teal and other colors in my wardrobe.

At this point, I’ve amassed quite the little collection of mustardy (browny/goldy/greeny) yarns. It would seem that I’m not really sure what the color actually is, but I just know I love it.

Happy {mustard} making!

4 thoughts on “I don’t know what it is, but I like it.

  1. Pamela Boxall says:

    These are all lovely. I think it helps that mustard has been having a moment through the past winter – I find it often helps me to appreciate a colour when I see it regularly. I wear a lot of navy and mustard, like burgundy, goes very well with navy. Not sure, given all of that, why I didn’t get my mustard jumper knitted this winter!


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