Arbitrary Goals.

I was watching the Stranded Podcast this weekend and the host, Amy, said something that really struck a chord with me.

I love setting arbitrary goals for myself!

I really love setting arbitrary goals in my making. The kind of goals that feel great to achieve but have no real or major consequences if you fail. You just revise and move on.

On Friday evening at supper, I remarked that my weekend goals were to a) finish the Eureka Cowl, b) finish the sock I had  going, and c) cast on my sweater. Kevin said that seemed like an awfully tall order. I said I planned to do an awfully lot of knitting over the weekend.

First up, I finished the cowl.


This is the Eureka Cowl, by Jessica Gore. I knit it out of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the postcard colorway. I absolutely adore the yarn and the pattern, I can’t wait to wear this one. I was very gentle in the blocking, but I may need to pin out that point next time. This little cowl is a great shape, it looks like you’re wearing a triangle shawl bandana style, but with a simple back that fits well.


That’s one weekend goal down. Speaking of goals (arbitrary or not), this is also another of my Make Nine projects for the year. And with the addition of mauve to my color palate, it’s definitely a simple and cozy addition to my wardrobe architect project.

The next order of business was that sock. My sock mojo has not been running very high, so I made a plan to knit down to the heel on Saturday so that I could just run with the foot during D&D on Sunday. Luckily, D&D was very intense and my stress knitting enabled me to finish the sock late Sunday night.


That leaves the sweater cast on. I was derailed in my sweater plans with the need of swatching again. This left me some time do something else so as I mentioned the other day, I finished the next brioche section on my Half Moon Oracle.


This really is squishy and lovely. On to last night. I decided to go ahead and at least cast on the sweater. It went so quickly that I dove into the colorwork, head first.


I love the yarn and the colors so much! This wasn’t quite the weekend, but hey, it was arbitrary anyway, right?

I have, of course, now discovered that I did the short rows wrong. I’m ripping out the whole thing and starting over from scratch. I’m really not very pleased with the cast on I used–long tail–and may go up a needle size for the ribbing. I also think this a great opportunity to do a better job with the colorwork, it’s a bit puckery and I want to work on that. Chalk it up to experience, right?

All in all, I’ll call it a success. I’ve now managed to cast on the second sock and do the frogging on the sweater. Now to come up with my next set of arbitrary goals.

Happy making!

Weekend WIP Roundup

It’s been quite a while since we had a proper WIP roundup. I don’t really have very much on the needles at them moment, which is a miracle in and of itself. I’m feeling a bit lazy this fine Sunday afternoon, so let’s just look at some pretty WIPs.

First up, my New Year’s Eve Socks:


Bubbly, Nomadic Yarns

I have no motivation to finish these. I love them and the yarn, but I am constantly distracted by my other stripey socks. This is the latest rainbow iteration:


Rainbows after Rain, Knitterly Things

My sock mojo is actually pretty low at the moment. I want to cast on all the sweaters and shawls and other big projects. I’ve gotten started by doing a little swatching for my next big cast on, Sunset Highway:


Half Naked, Baerenwolle

I went up a needle size and am a quarter stitch off per inch. I think I’m just going to go down a pattern size and go with it. While the swatch dried I picked back up a languising WIP. My Half Moon Oracle, which, holy smokes, I am in love! I’m kind of feeling like putting a lot of work into this beauty:


Princess Bride, Marilyn, Tropical Vintage, Swift Yarns

I really want to finish everything and cast on all new things tomorrow. Or maybe just cast on new things tomorrow. I did have a finish yesterday, it’s blocking now…

I think I’ll make a cup of coffee and at least finish the brioche section on the Oracle. That will give me some time to figure out what to knit next.


Happy making!

Did someone say mauve?

I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure what color mauve is. Pink? Purple? Grey? Taupe? The answer to all those questions seems to be yes. Whatever color it is, I am into it.

I think–I hope–it’s a good color for me. In my wardrobe architect project I selected blush and peach and coral and hot pink, but I believe we’re going to need to officially add mauve to the mix. Mauve seems the embodiment of feminine and cozy. I am full steam ahead into some delightfully mauve-y goodness.

The first order of business is my Coastal Walk. It’s all finished and lovely.


It was a fairly quick knit. I puttered about on it here and there, working up the lace section. The garter border, which comprises about half of the shawl, only took me about a day of knitting to finish. The pattern is Coastal Walk, by Joji Locatelli. As usual, her patterns are impeccably written, easy to follow, and a joy to work up. My only modification was to stop after 3 full garter rows at the end of the border. I was afraid of running out of yarn, but I probably could have gotten another row or two done.

Regardless, I am incredibly pleased. As I’ve mentioned, this is a great knit. The lace is easy to knit but beautiful and the texture of a DK weight shawl is unbeatable. The yarn is listed as a sport weight, but I feel like it’s closer to a light DK. This is Traipse Sport from Tuskenknits–I don’t believe she carries the base anymore. The colorway is Belle Starr and is utterly perfect. The subtle tonality, the soft and sweet speckles–gorgeous.


Coastal Walk


After I finished this shawl and my socks and cast on the next pair of socks, I needed something else. Something new and exciting and fun. Something that won’t take forever since I have two trips coming in the next month. Something like a cowl.


Enter the Eureka Cowl, a pattern by Jessica Gore. I saw this cowl knit up on Inside Number 23 and just knew that I would need to cast it on as soon as possible. I managed to snag a bit of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter off of Ravelry destash, this is the Postcard colorway. I had a lot of motivation to knit this cowl in this yarn. Firstly, it’s beautiful. The yarn and pattern combination are just stellar. Second, I wanted to try out Shelter with a low investment project. I’m eyeing several quite large projects with this yarn which will be a big commitment in the yarn budget. I wanted to make sure I love the yarn before I go down that path. The good news is, I do love it so far. It’s positively gorgeous.

By the way, Coastal Walk and the Eureka Cowl are two of my Make Nine projects for the year. It feels good to really be moving on my goals.

In other mauve news… it’s leaking into my ready to wear wardrobe too.



I’ve got a mauve sweater planned for this year as well, but it will probably be a bit before I start that. I’m dying to cast on the Sunset Highway. At this point, I think I’ll live through it’s lack of mauve.

Happy making!

Missing link.

Looking over my most recent blog posts tonight, I realized something. I never posted about my fourth pair of socks! I feel bad for them that they were so terribly overlooked, they are some of my favorites. I’ll keep this brief, but I’m a sucker for completeness.



The yarn is Jawbreaker by Barenwolle on her BAERfoot base. This yarn is probably my favorite for knitting socks. They turn out so squishy and perfect and the color, oh the color! Vicky has an impeccable color sense–from the subtle to the wild. I love it all!

I did have one teeny snafu. Late at night, playing D&D, I managed to get a bit of yarn in my coffee. I knit it right into the heel, and I’m not sorry. It does crack me up a bit.

Anyway, these were pair #2 in my light box o’socks and pair #4 for 2018.



Happy making!

What was I thinking?

Oh sure, I’ll just hop on a plane for the busiest work week of my entire year and come home with an FO or two. Yep, that’s the plan. Boy, what was I thinking? Last week in L.A. I, of course, had nearly zero knitting time.

On the plane ride there, I managed to finish the first sock in my Boombox socks.


I thought I was really rocking at that point, I just knew that I’d have the next one done in no time. And then work started happening, over and over and over. Sunday through Tuesday were a whirlwind of bell to bell at the convention center. After that, I did manage to settle into a bit of a routine with some early morning knitting and a bit of fun mixed in here and there.

By the time I got to the airport to head home, I had knit the cuff of my second sock. I did do a bit of knitting on the plane but actually slept quite a lot. I don’t generally sleep on planes but this time I couldn’t help myself.


And so, I landed in Maryland with nothing but a HO to my name. I thought I’d finish up my socks over the weekend but somehow I managed to get full on obsessed with my Coastal Walk. I knit and knit and knit on it. Every minute not doing laundry or taking jet-lag naps was spent on that garter border. And then…


I stayed up too late Sunday night but bound off this beauty. It’s nearly done blocking now, so I’ll write about it later. With the shawl off the needles, I turned back to the socks. I’d gotten down the gusset on the plane, so it was pretty quick work to get these all wrapped up. I adore how they came out. My gauge on the first sock is a fraction of a stitch bigger, which is odd, but they still fit.


The yarn is Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock, their BFL/nylon base, in the Boombox colorway. This yarn is just dreamy for socks.


This color is just great. It’s probably one of my brightest for my light box o’sox, but it’s super fun. This is pair #3 in the light box and pair #5 for the year. Trucking right along!

Although I finished nothing on the trip, it feels good to get home, get settled in, and get some things off the needles. I’ve got another pair of socks to get too, my make nine to keep moving with, and sweaters on the brain. So much knitting and so little time!


Happy making!


Today, I hop on a plane for Los Angeles. I’m heading to a conference my organization puts on and it’s one of the biggest weeks of the year for us. I’ve been preparing for this since sometime in July and I think I’m ready. I hope I’m ready, it’s certainly too late now.

In my crafting life, trip preparations haven’t been going on nearly so long. I did attempt to make myself a new notions pouch for the trip. I’m not sure what comes over me before a work trip, but this isn’t the first pre-trip bag I’ve worked on. I’ve made a project bag and a notions pouch on the eve (or day of) other flights! Life kept happening this week though, and I didn’t quite get it done.


The pattern is the Quilted Notions Pouch by Retro Mama. It’s a paid for pattern, but it is so worth it. I love how it’s going and can’t wait to finish it.

I’m taking three projects for this trip. Socks, for the airplane, of course. On a long flight, I like something compact so that my elbows aren’t flapping around everywhere. I went ahead and cast on the first pair of socks. I always like to get the next sock’s ribbing done as soon as possible after I finish a sock, it helps me stay motivated. Though I rarely have a problem with second sock syndrome, I like to keep the sock train moving.


This is Boombox, on Twist Sock by Hedgehog Fibres. I picked this one out of my light box o’ sox, since it felt appropriately Los Angeles colored to me. I meant to just cast on the ribbing, but we played DND last night and I just couldn’t put them down.


Since I have 11 hours of flight time, not to mention airport time, cab time, waiting time, etc… I’m bringing the next pair of socks to cast on too, just in case. This is the March colorway in my Knitterly Things 2017 Rainbow Club, the colorway is called Rainbows After Rain. I can’t wait to get to that pink stripe!


For a little flavor, and so that I hopefully won’t run out of knitting, I’m bringing along my Coastal Walk, too. I am just obsessed with knitting it, the lace was so intuitive and pretty! I’m with the body of the shawl and ready to move on to the border, so in my mind it’s practically finished.


For tradition’s sake–and definitely not because I love seeing all my bags set out–here’s all the knitting I’m packing for the trip. Fingers crossed for at least one FO out of the lot.


With that, I’m ready to head out to the airport. I feel prepared, work-wise and with my making, so let’s get to it! I hope your Saturday is lovely, I’ll just be knitting my way across the country.

Happy making!


My very first sweater.

I can’t believe it’s done. It felt like I was knitting it forever. Like an ocean of stockinette and sleeves were all that I did for a very long time. Hindsight is 20/20 though, and now I know that it wasn’t quite so dire as all that.

From swatching to wearing was exactly six weeks. Not terrible. But I remind myself that it was not all I did. In that six week span, I completed eight other projects. Kind of crazy to think that I worked on that many other things while I had the sweater on the needles. I also continued to feed the kids and keep up my responsibilities during this time, which strikes me as an accomplishment itself. As my dad always said, “think about what you’d accomplish if you really buckled down.”

I’ve talked about the sweater a fair bit over the last few weeks, it’s been kind of a constant hum on the blog:


And then, magically, last weekend, I finished it. I wove in the ends and tried it on before throwing it in a nice, sudsy bath and laying it out on the blocking mats.



I’ve been a bit worried as it was drying that it was blocking out a bit too oversized. It’s superwash, so I could throw it in the washer but once I put it on I fell in love.


I was so excited to put it on this morning and wear it. Today I wore a sweater that I made! I roped my sweet friend, Holly, into taking a few pictures of me in it. By the way, she took these pictures with her phone and in about 3 seconds and they came out so cute! I definitely want to hire her for real pictures. She’s an incredibly talented photographer — check her out at




Overall, I’m in love with this sweater. It’s the perfect relaxed, snuggly, rainy day sweater. For the details, this is Puntilla by Joji Locatelli. It’s a great first sweater–this is my first–her instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The yarn is O-Wool O-Wash Fingering in the Watermill colorway. I purchased it at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last year. I used almost 3 skeins in the sweater, a bit more than that if you include swatching. This yarn is a dream, I highly recommend it.

I knit the sweater on 3.5mm/US 4 needles. When I swatched with those I got

  • Before blocking – row gauge: 30 st = 3 7/8” – stitch gauge: 24 st = 4”
  • After blocking – row gauge: 30 st = 3 1/2” stitch gauge: 22 1/4 st = 4″

My gauge was a bit off what was called for, so I calculated that knitting a medium would give me a body circumference of 45″. Measuring the sweater today, it’s exactly 45″. Crazy. I’ve got a bit more about my swatching, my measurements, and determining size on my project page. On another note, this the first in my list of challenges for 2018 to get crossed off — a garment!

The moral of the story is that I love my first sweater. I can’t wait to knit more, but this one is definitely keeping me warm in the mean time.


Happy {sweater} making!