Hello! My name is Cortney, I am a knitter, quilter, and sewist living in Maryland. I share a home with my son, my wonderful partner, his daughter, and two quite neurotic cats. We’re all originally from the south and have been in Maryland for a few years.

My making journey has been going in fits and starts since childhood. I learned to sew and cross stitch from my mother and had a brief try at quilting back in 2009. I taught myself to knit about eight years ago and fired up the sewing machine a few years after that.

I started the blog back in 2017 to chronicle my year of making: a commitment to spend at least some time creating each day for a year. It was a wonderful journey, I learned that even a few rows on a sock relieves stress and that I can spend time being creative without having 4 hours to spare.

These days I mostly chronicle my projects and every once in a while I have a challenge, like knitting a sweater in four days or my WIP wipeout. I’ve been doing more and more garment making, both knitting and sewing. I have dreams of a closet full of me-made. One day. Those dreams also feature a house full of cozy quilts and to snuggle under, so I guess I have plenty to keep me busy!

Happy making!