The finisher.

Today is a tale of two FO’s. One revived old project and one very new project.

First up, I finished the first of my revival socks! These knit up beautifully, and I really love the way the gauge changed the pooling on the sock. This pair has been a bright knit on some particularly rainy April days. These are my sixth pair in my box o’ sox.


When I started these back in May-ish of last year, I knit toe up socks and split the ball of yarn in half. When I decided to revive these, I was presented with a problem. One skinny sock, one 50g ball, and one 19g ball was the yarn that I had. I didn’t really feel like ripping back the sock and washing the yarn at the moment, plus I wanted to have it to compare the new socks with. So I knit the first sock with the larger ball of yarn and combined the two smaller balls to make the second sock. In the end, I added the new ball of yarn to the top of the of the foot somewhere in the gusset and you can’t really tell. I wound up with about 9g of unknit yarn at the end. Not bad for three socks!

My second FO wasn’t even a WIP the last time I posted. I cast it on on a Monday evening and bound off the following Sunday afternoon. That’s what I call a quick shawl. The pattern is the Spindrift Shawl, and it’s a free pattern if you sign up for Helen Stewart’s shawl workshop. One of the things I love about Helen’s patterns is her percentage system. It’s a little like striped socks, it’s so easy to think just one more, one more 5% chunk, then I’ll go to bed. One word. Addictive.

This is a one skein shawl and I used 90g of my skein. I was a little skeptical about the size, tending to like larger shawls. But it blocked out to the cutest little light, airy shawlette. Plenty to drape over my shoulders on a summer night or wear as a spring shawl draped around my neck. The yarn is YarnInk and was a club colorway from February 2016. I love how it is so soft and speckly and sweet.



I have plans for my next shawl and next pair of socks already. I’ve picked out my yarn for the first shawl society shawl, due out in May. The peach and mint is a bit out of my usual comfort zone, but I’m digging it. I think I’m going to try to go for a revival sock pair every other pair, so that I can mix in some fun new socks as I go. I got some new yarn in from Baerenwolle, and it seems to be just the ticket for spring.

Joshua also has a sock request in the queue and his birthday is coming up. It seems my knitting cup runneth over!

YoM days 101-106: Shawl knitting and finished Spindrift!

YoM days 107-110: Sock knitting and finished pair 6 of the year!

Happy making!

6 thoughts on “The finisher.

  1. ivyjade234 says:

    The socks turned out so beautifully. And I love how your shawl turned out. I know you haven’t started your next pair of socks or the shawl but I really like the colours of yarn you have picked out. I can’t wait to see how it looks.


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