Sometimes you finish things.

Sometimes you don’t.

I finished my January socks! I knit them mostly on the plane from Baltimore to L.A. and back. I felt very good about the progress, but I have a teensy secret. They are 56 stitch socks… Normally I knit 64, but I was curious. Joshua’s socks fit me very well at 56 stitches so I thought I’d give it a try with my socks. I like them. The stitches pull a little so I need to wear the socks and see how they do over the course of a day. But, boy did they fly—literally.

The yarn is The Lemonade Shop‘s Simple Sock in the Goldfish colorway. I would knit a thousand things out of this colorway. Once I started knitting it up I could really see how varied and deep the color is, even though it is so subtle.


I started two kinds of sauerkraut. The recipes are from Ferment Your Vegetables by Amanda Feifer and are very easy to follow. I’ve tried to make sauerkraut before and it did not go well. I think my problem was weighting. I invested in some pickle pebbles for this venture, so fingers crossed that this batch works. It will be 2-6 weeks before I can report back on how the kraut has fared.


I started—and will not be finishing—two projects. I love the pattern for the Jelly Rolls, but these are too small and I’ve lost a little bit of my gusto for them at the moment. I just love a vanilla sock and my mind keeps drifting off and wanting to start a pair. I also started the Infinito Cowl, but I’m second guessing my color choices. I believe I’ll rip it back and change the teal out for another color.

I’m in a rather impatient, frantic making mood. Things that aren’t bringing me joy aren’t getting worked on, which is just fine by me.  It’s my hobby and I’ll frog if I want to.

YoM day 17: Finished Goldfish socks, cast on Infinito and Jelly Rolls, started kraut

YoM day 18: Worked on 4ish knitting projects—I’m telling you: frantic.

Happy making to you!

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