What was I thinking?

Oh sure, I’ll just hop on a plane for the busiest work week of my entire year and come home with an FO or two. Yep, that’s the plan. Boy, what was I thinking? Last week in L.A. I, of course, had nearly zero knitting time.

On the plane ride there, I managed to finish the first sock in my Boombox socks.


I thought I was really rocking at that point, I just knew that I’d have the next one done in no time. And then work started happening, over and over and over. Sunday through Tuesday were a whirlwind of bell to bell at the convention center. After that, I did manage to settle into a bit of a routine with some early morning knitting and a bit of fun mixed in here and there.

By the time I got to the airport to head home, I had knit the cuff of my second sock. I did do a bit of knitting on the plane but actually slept quite a lot. I don’t generally sleep on planes but this time I couldn’t help myself.


And so, I landed in Maryland with nothing but a HO to my name. I thought I’d finish up my socks over the weekend but somehow I managed to get full on obsessed with my Coastal Walk. I knit and knit and knit on it. Every minute not doing laundry or taking jet-lag naps was spent on that garter border. And then…


I stayed up too late Sunday night but bound off this beauty. It’s nearly done blocking now, so I’ll write about it later. With the shawl off the needles, I turned back to the socks. I’d gotten down the gusset on the plane, so it was pretty quick work to get these all wrapped up. I adore how they came out. My gauge on the first sock is a fraction of a stitch bigger, which is odd, but they still fit.


The yarn is Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock, their BFL/nylon base, in the Boombox colorway. This yarn is just dreamy for socks.


This color is just great. It’s probably one of my brightest for my light box o’sox, but it’s super fun. This is pair #3 in the light box and pair #5 for the year. Trucking right along!

Although I finished nothing on the trip, it feels good to get home, get settled in, and get some things off the needles. I’ve got another pair of socks to get too, my make nine to keep moving with, and sweaters on the brain. So much knitting and so little time!


Happy making!

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