Missing link.

Looking over my most recent blog posts tonight, I realized something. I never posted about my fourth pair of socks! I feel bad for them that they were so terribly overlooked, they are some of my favorites. I’ll keep this brief, but I’m a sucker for completeness.



The yarn is Jawbreaker by Barenwolle on her BAERfoot base. This yarn is probably my favorite for knitting socks. They turn out so squishy and perfect and the color, oh the color! Vicky has an impeccable color sense–from the subtle to the wild. I love it all!

I did have one teeny snafu. Late at night, playing D&D, I managed to get a bit of yarn in my coffee. I knit it right into the heel, and I’m not sorry. It does crack me up a bit.

Anyway, these were pair #2 in my light box o’socks and pair #4 for 2018.



Happy making!

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