More than I thought.

I am tired and work is stressful, so I will be brief this evening. I finished my February Rainbow socks, and I like them more than I thought I would. This skein was my least favorite of the lot. Not to say that I didn’t like it, it just wasn’t my favorite. As I knit it though, some magic in that chartreuse stripe took hold and I really enjoyed the rainbow that these knit up into.


I’m really digging the matching stripes with slightly miss-matched heels.


They’re pretty fun. The yarn is from Knitterly Things, on her sparkle base. It’s the February 2017 rainbow club yarn called “The Way It Goes.”


The March colorway is “Rainbows After Rain” and I’m really looking forward to it. In the meantime, I’ve cast on my next pair of light socks. I could knit Baerenwolle socks forever.


That’s all I’ve got for today. Well, one more thing… I finished the sweater. More on that later.


Happy Making!

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