Box O’ Sox.

It’s here. It’s finished. It’s beautiful.


Of course, I’m talking about my box of socks. I love the idea of knitting a dozen pair of socks a year and the Box O’ Sox KAL is the perfect motivation. I completed my box last year in October, I think. I didn’t consciously try to finish faster this year, but somehow I speed up on the sock output every year.

To celebrate, I thought I’d go back and talk about each pair in turn. Starting with pair #1: I knit these in 9 days at the beginning of the year, mostly while on a work trip. I have almost ordered this yarn again several times because I love it so much.


“Goldfish” – The Lemonade Shop

Pair #2: I love these so much. The yellow accents just work perfectly with the main color. The yellow is a little out of my usual comfort zone so that’s fun. These were my first cut in heel, which turned out to be an awesome technique


“Day Drinking” – SuperCraftyGirl, contrast is “Zest” – Yarn Ink

Pair #3 were my Rainbowalong socks for 2017. I adore this colorway. It was gifted to me by my sweet friend Angela, who owns a yarn shop in the U.K. These make me think of her which is awesome.


“Summer Skies, Rainbow Brite” – Moth and the Squid

Pair #4 were another fun deviation from my normal color palate. The skein didn’t look like it but these knit up into the prettiest autumnal rainbow. I like that little contrast toe, too.


“Rainbow Brite” – Tempting Ewe Yarns, contrast is “Orange Fizz” – Countess Ablaze

Pair #5 is another pair that I could order the yarn again. I love this sweet pink! This base is one of my favorites. One thing I learned this year is that I highly prefer 80/20 Merino Nylon for socks. I’ve nearly quit using 75/25 blends for socks.


“Sweet, Sweet Candy” – The Lemonade Shop

Pair #6 were the first in my revival socks. I knit the first sock last year and it was incredibly small. So I knit myself a whole extra 2 socks. I find it awesome that I can get that much out of one skein. This neon is amazing.


“Milky Way” – Knitty and Color

Pair #7 is my first pair with Baerenwolle yarn, but it won’t be my last. They almost feel like sport weight socks, the yarn is so plump and squishy. I love it.


“Crush” – Baerenwolle

Pair #8 were my second revival socks pair. I started out not really into it, but wound up loving them. And that’s two pairs with yellow contrast! Who would have thought?


Unknown colorways – both by Marigold Jen

Pair #9 just sung to me. My favorite colors are grey and pink and this is the best combo of the two I’ve seen.


“Purr” – Peepaloo Fields

Pair #10 were a pair I started in March for St. Patrick’s Day but got distracted from them They’re a Corriedale blend which is fun and different, it feels squishy and sturdy at the same time. I finished these up in July.


“Experiment 078” – Lamby Toes

Pair #11 were knit from a skein of yarn I won. I had never heard of the dyer before I entered the contest, but I was instantly seduced by the speckles. I cast these on nearly immediately after receiving the yarn and they were my first pair of birthday socks.


“Sprinkles on Top” – Wee Chickadee Woolery

Pair #12 were my second pair of birthday socks. I knit them on vacation and I love that that memory is knit into them. The colors are just so sweet that I can’t stand it.


“Sprinkle” – Peepaloo Fields


My Box O’ Sox has been quite the journey. I really learned what to look for in a sock yarn that I will enjoy and that will produce consistent results for my gauge. I learned how to cut in afterthought heels. I learned that I like my cuffs 5″ instead of 6″. I love that I figured out all of those things. I can’t wait to figure out what next year’s box brings.

YoM Day 237: Sock knitting. Of course.

Happy making!

3 thoughts on “Box O’ Sox.

  1. Carie says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate sock knitting – and add to your drawer before winter comes – they are all just beautiful and I love the contrast heel and toe!

    Liked by 1 person

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