In which binding goes wrong.

Recently, I decided to have a go at making a mini quilt. A shortcut mini quilt, even. I wanted to practice quilting on my home machine before tackling something larger. So, as I seem to do lately, off to the Fat Quarter Shop’s free pattern library I went. The Mini Charm Box seemed just the ticket. A couple of mini charm packs and next to nothing in background fabric and I was on my way.

It took me a couple of hours to put together the center of the quilt and another half hour to add the border. I basted and quilted it a few days later. I went ahead and made the binding too, but saved the pressing till later.

Last night, when I got home from work, I had an hour of downtime while rice cooked and kids played. Perfect time get that binding attached in hopes of some late night hand sewing. I got started pressing but when I got to the second of two seams, I discovered I had put it on backwards. The seam faced the wrong way. So, I ripped it out and redid it.


Wrong. Again. (That’s 2 if you’re keeping count) I sewed it in the wrong direction. So I sewed it in the right direction. Ripped out the errant stitches, trimmed it and…


It was backwards again. (3) So I fixed that. It was right this time:


Happily, and only moderately irritated with myself, I set to work, attaching the binding to the quilt. I mitered all the corners nicely, and got the whole thing on. When it came time to sew the ends of the binding together, I set to work, sewed it, trimmed it, and…


Backwards. (4) I said some very bad things and ripped out the stitches. Of course this time, it had been measured and trimmed so that was no excess. Surgery would be required.

And so, surgery is what I did. I pulled out the leftover binding to attach and give me more fabric to work with. And attach it I did, in the wrong direction. Naturally. (6) At this point I ceased to take pictures. I ripped out and redid the extension. Backward. (7)

And that is how it sits to this very minute. I promptly turned off the sewing machine, went up to the kitchen, cracked open a beer, and made supper. The quilt is still sitting in the sewing room, judging me with it’s backwards binding hanging from one side. I’ll get it in the end. I can and have bound things before. But I haven’t forgiven the quilt yet, so it’s still sitting in time-out. Do you put projects in time-out? Sometimes it’s the only way we come come to terms with each other.

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Happy making!

3 thoughts on “In which binding goes wrong.

  1. Bonnie in Va says:

    ARGH! I feel your pain having done some of those things in the past. 1) I always, always pin my binding strips together using the same method. First strip is laid horizontally across the cutting table. At the right hand side I lay a perpendicular strip right side down. Mark, pin and then move the perpendicular piece through my hand with right side up and it becomes the horizontal strip. I repeat as many times as I need to. 2) I use Bonnie Hunter’s method of finishing the ends and never have a problem and all the seams are going the same way which I don’t really pay much attention to. Check out her web site for the directions with lots of pictures. And, while doing the final match/sew I will sometimes pin it and see if anything is twisting incorrectly. Hope you get back to this one at some point. It is very cute.


    • knit1make2 says:

      I’ll have to check our her website. I’ve never had trouble before. I think I was just in a hurry and as the frustration built so did the mistakes. I probably should have put it down a lot sooner than I did, but I can be a bit stubborn at times 🙂


  2. Patricia says:

    I hear you!!!!! I’m finally learning to walk away and crochet instead. I fell so much better. I love your term: “time out”! Too funny! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


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