Fairyhill Shawl.

I am enamored.

IMG_20170525_112127_957I have finished my Fairyhill shawl! This is the first shawl in Helen Stewart’s Shawl Society II, a six month shawl club. I really enjoyed knitting it, it’s surprisingly simple for how beautiful the pattern knits up. I don’t knit much lace and this was a perfect project for stretching my lace legs.


I chose the colors for the shawl on a whim. The main body yarn is by Tilting Planet, on Apollo Sock in the Papaya colorway. The border is StressKnits, on Sparkle Sock in the Refresh colorway. Putting them together was a weird gut reaction, but out of my comfort zone at the time. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with this combo. It seems everything I knit is a variation. A look back at the knit:

I was still not 100% sold as a I knit up the shawl, thinking maybe I should stick to one color. As I added in the contrast, it almost seemed to be not contrast-y enough! As the border grew, though, I really started to fall in love with it. I think I could have finished it a solid day earlier if  I hadn’t been stopping to look at it so much.



As usually happens, blocking really brought it life. It may be my new favorite shawl. I love it so. The colors play so well together, I can hardly stand it. Beyond the color though, the drapey, generous shape and gorgeous lace really sing.


Now, I can’t wait for the next installment of the Shawl Society. I’m thinking about using a laceweight that’s been kicking around the stash for ages. It would be amazing to use only stash yarn for the whole club. If there are worsted or dk weight shawls though, we could be in trouble. My stash leans heavily in the fingering direction.

All in all, this was a joy and I cannot wait to see what else Helen has in store for us!

YoM day 143-145: Sock knitting

Happy making!

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