The Four Year Hat

At the end of January, it will have been four years that Kevin and I have known each other. I have known how to knit the entire time. He has patiently watched—he’s a saint sometimes—as I knit countless objects. Things for me, the kids, his mom, my mom, other family and friends. He’s never said a word.

This fall, he asked if I would knit him a new hat for the winter. I instantly said yes, of course. He picked out a pattern, the Antler Hat, and I thought that was an excellent choice. So excellent, in fact, that I made each of my brothers one—first.

I know, I know. And so now, four years into our relationship, I have finally finished a hat for Kevin. He loves it. He said so. He even wore it yesterday when it was 50ish degrees in our part of Maryland.


Neptune, Tempting Ewe Yarns.

He’s a good guy who totally deserved a hat.

YoM day 12: A wee bit o’ sock knitting (have to get packed for a trip)

Happy making!

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