Wardrobe Architect

Feminine, simple, cozy, classic

Recently, I wrote a mini-series about my process in doing the Wardrobe Architect project from the Colette HQ blog. Born out of the desire to be more intentional in my making and eventually create a cohesive handmade wardrobe, the wardrobe architect project helped me explore my style and come up with a plan for making a wardrobe that reflects that style. This page will serve as a bit of an index for the project: the mini-series and subsequent making posts.

Day 1: At the very core. – defining a core style

Day 2: The shape of things. – exploring shape and silhouette

Day 3: Color story. – creating a cohesive color palette

Day 4: What about the yarn? – what this project means for the current and future stash

Day 5: Making the making happen. – putting it all together into a plan

Wardrobe Architect Makes:

Slipstream Cowl


Bray Cap




Coastal Walk


Eureka Cowl